Was just brought on to a project that has dedicated parking and a shuttle service to and from an event, and they’re looking for the best place to sell the tickets for the individual parking spaces online. Is there a website or app that provides a service like this? View Reddit by JOHNJAMON – View

March 2016 – The CD Printing and Packaging Project Jane works as part of the design team for a well-known interior designing company who specialize in layouts and décor for large public buildings. As well as the design work, she also takes responsibility for marketing the company at exhibitions, conferences and business to business events.

So you want to start a small business but don’t know where to begin? There are a few things you should consider before deciding upon what business would be a best fit for you. First, consider your personality type and your interests – don’t just start a business because you think it will be lucrative.

According to an article in the New York Times, one third of individuals who make “New Year’s resolutions” don’t make it past the end of January. The author indicated that resolutions fail because they aren’t the right resolutions. Specifically: It’s a resolution established because someone else is telling you to change. Like a mother-in-law telling

Call me crazy, but I love returning to work after the Christmas break. Everything’s slowly picking back up after the sales craze (and awkward family festivities!) Finally, there’s time to breathe and reflect on what you did last year – and consider what’s next. The start of the new year is perfect for planning upcoming marketing

More than a dozen other executives are taking pay cuts to keep furloughed contractors on board. Source link

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✎ Need motivation? Watch a Top Ten with #BelieveNation! Grab a snack and chew on today’s lessons from a woman who went from growing up doing gymnastics, swimming, and dance, to becoming an elite CrossFit athlete, launching her own apparel brand, making an appearance as an Amazon woman in the blockbuster Wonder Woman movie, and

Chris Fritton is the former Studio Director of the Western New York Book Arts Center. A poet, printer, and fine artist, Fritton has over a decade of experience writing, printing, and making his own books, in addition to collaborative efforts with other authors and artists. Currently Fritton is working on a brand new project called

Contact Apexexhibit today: 408.641.3535, for quality and corporate trade show booths, trade show exhibits, custom rental exhibits, rental booths, custom exhibit design. For more details; click here- []( ​ View Reddit by apexexhibit – View Source

Marketers who understand the value of engagement in influencer marketing also understand the power of micro-influencers. These are regular people with regular social media accounts who are truly driven to share their passions. As a result, they have passionate followings–and incredible endorsement power. Here’s what you need to know to … Read the full article

Eli Lilly agreed to shell out $8 billion last week for Loxo Oncology in a deal executives billed as a boost for its cancer goals. Good thing, too, given a Friday setback for soft tissue sarcoma drug Lartruvo, which failed a phase 3 trial—so much so that Lilly will stop promoting the drug. Source link

Hi Everyone, ​ I’m looking to clean up, and create stronger strategic marketing plans. By way of background, I’m a product marketing manager, I work with product management and sales to help drive revenue for our products. I’m looking for guidance, resource, perhaps books or online courses that can help direct me to create a

You have just heard the good news that you have been promoted into your first management role. You are initially excited and so you should be. At the same time, you need to be alert to falling into the following traps: Temptation 1: Still having a task focus What got you to be a manager

I have a new favorite toy store brand. I don’t know what their logo looks like. I have no idea how simple their digital user journeys are. I know nothing of their brand purpose, or even if they have one. What I do know, is that one experience I had with them this week has

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What is corporate reputation management? Corporate online reputation management is much more than media relations and press release distribution. It fuses search engine optimization, social media management, brand management, reputation monitoring and public relations into a single service. Our corporate ORM solution ensures that your company is mentioned in a positive light in search results.

Email marketing when well-executed can bring in a huge revenue for your business. Whether you want to build brand reputation, yield new customers and retain the old ones or drive evangelists who look forward to hearing from you, a thoughtfully created email can do it all. Successful email marketing is not only about generating profits

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THERE ARE THINGS we believe that when we really think about them, we might find that they are not helpful. We might think of them as blind spots that adversely affect our leadership effectiveness. In What Are Your Blind Spots? Jim Haudan and Rich Berens hope to help you uncover five common leadership blind spots

Learn how the workplace is affected by emotional contagion! Brandon’s purpose and passion is to eliminate all workplace dysfunction, everywhere. Known as “The Workplace Therapist,” Brandon is a leading expert in leadership communication and workplace relationships. His work has been spotlighted in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to FastCompany. He is the founder