Making an update to the site with a new logo. Love to hear your thoughts on colors.

[scheme 1](—-WordPress.png) – neon green, midnight blue background

[scheme 2]( – blaze orange, white background

Here are the issues. I like the blue/green better. Everyone seems to. However:

1. It has a background, so everything I put it on needs that background.
2. It’s blue/green, which every aquaponics site is, and distinguishing yourself is important in branding.
3. It has two colors, which prevents me from becoming associated with a color/category like Home Depot in tools (orange) or Coke in soda (red).

The orange has the advantage that nobody in aquaponics really uses it, so I could become known such that anytime anyone ever saw orange in an aquaponics context, they’d think of me.

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