Is a Marketing degree worth it?

Is a Marketing degree worth it?

I am having a crisis which I’m sure is a very popular one. I don’t know what to major in. I picked Finance in hopes to get a lucrative career. However, I don’t have any interest or passion for Finance and I hate number crunching.

And I now know, after talking to many of such a profession, that most who ended up with such a career had no desire for the career except for the big paycheck.
So the ultimate question: is it worth majoring in a field that you feel is boring just for the grand paycheck?

P.S. My real interests are in Marketing and Psychology but I don’t have any distinguishable love for any one field. I really, really love psychology, but that’s the major my parent’s really don’t want me entering into since a BA in psychology is a dead end route. And I hear that Marketing is a pointless major itself.

What I’m really asking for is sort of like an open discussion, or even a debate on this matter, because I know for a fact that more people are going through the same problem, and if they’re not going through it now, there is a possibility they might go through it in the future, so why not start tackling this right now. I want people who know what they want, or think they know what they might want, to be kind enough to tell me their patterns of thought, and why they believe the way they believe. I really need inspiration, and inspiration in the form of arguments, not just advice.

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Leadership Development – Why You Take Time to Develop Leaders in Your Organization

Leadership Development – Why You Take Time to Develop Leaders in Your Organization

In network marketing there really are two components that you need to create a big business. The first is sponsoring new people into your business. There are a ton of systems and ways to do this which I am not going to discuss in this article. It is something that I'll discuss later and there is a ton of articles and websites that can help you with this. The second is leadership. Getting people in your business is necessary, but you need to help them achieve their goals, achieve their success, or they will leave and you will not have a business. That is why I wrote this article. Leadership in network marketing is about stabilizing and maintaining your business. Without it your business will crumble.It is important for you to understand the significance of the Network Marketing / MLM business model. It is unique and each organization's structure is unique as well. That in itself is extremely important to the leadership of your organization. Knowing how your organization's structure is set will allow you to position and identify the leaders within your business. By positioning and developing leaders, your business will grow and you will meet with success.

So, why should you develop leaders? Why not just sit back and watch the money roll in? Is not that what Network Marketing and MLM is about, easy money? I can honestly answer that from years of experience; if you want to make significant money, developing leaders is everything! It is paramount! You're business will not grow or become stable without good leaders at the head of their business groups. You will not achieve success, or at least the level of success that you seek without leaders. You can not do everything and you can not be everything to everyone. You need help and that is where your leaders come in.

If you want to really establish a great residual income from your business you need to spend a lot of time and effort to develop the leaders within your business. It is through leadership that duplication takes place. You, as the head of your business unit, must duplicate yourself, in a sense, with the people in your organization that you've identified as leaders. They then will know what you know, and more importantly, do what you do. This is where the big money is found. This is how you establish residual income and create that life that you've dreamed of.

The most important part, in my opinion, of why you should develop leaders is, to help others achieve success. Why hoard your knowledge and experience? When you die, it will die with you. You do not get to take it. Spread what you've learned, share it with others, help them succeed, and create a legacy for you. I want to impact as many lives a possible in a positive way and the best way to do that is through developing leaders. They then can go and lead other groups and develop their own leaders. This is where the real joy and success comes from, sharing your knowledge, mentoring others, and helping them achieve their wildest dreams!

In my next article I will discuss leadership qualities and how to develop them, so stay tuned. But I want to give you a bit of a head start. Leadership starts and ends with you. You need to take time to develop yourself and grow to become a good leader. Here's where I started. I read. I read a lot of leadership development books. This is where I suggest you start. Second, I spend time with my mentors. I talk to them and study what they do in order to get the skills I need to share with others. Make time to do both of these things and you will notice changes occurring in yourself and your organization.

So study, stay tuned for the next installation and go and grow!

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Joining Facebook Ads data with other tables – any advice?

Joining Facebook Ads data with other tables – any advice?

We run about 1/2M in Facebook ads a year, and I’m trying to do a 2017 analysis across our advertising channels, agencies, partners, etc.

The problem I’m running into is when I go to join data tables, the Facebook data has no attribute that I can match with our other campaign data. Has anyone else run into similar shortcomings and found a workaround?

We ran over 350 campaigns last year, so manually entering UIDs is a total pain in the ass – am I missing something where you can add custom attributes to the campaign data so it’s unified when you run reporting?

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Charismatic Leadership Vs Transformational Leadership

Charismatic Leadership Vs Transformational Leadership

What if we put charismatic leadership versus transformational leadership?

These two leadership styles actually have a lot in common. Both of them rely on influence and friendship. The leaders in both of these styles have a penchant for involving individuals in the organization for the purpose of achieving organizational goals. Both of these styles of leadership have the aim of achieving the vision and goals of the organization.

The charismatic leader tends to rely on his popularity. One of the usual manifestations of this is in the political realm. Do you ever remember Arnold Schwarzenegger? He is an amazing bodybuilder from Austria who became a popular action movie star. He made a lot of popular films including The Terminator trilogy and Total Recall among others. He became extremely popular. That is why when he ran as Governor of the state of California, he won by an overwhelming majority.

But then, charismatic leadership is not enough. The leader should display the characteristics of a good leader. This includes connecting with the followers and learning about their needs and their concerns. When the leader learns about these needs and concerns, he has to do something to tend to them.

Charismatic leadership, to a certain degree, relies on an extrovert leader. He or she can easily relate to people and even connect with them at a deeper level. Introverts, though, can also become charismatic leaders, especially, if they are beloved by their followers. They often keep with them a set of trusted followers who act as liaisons. This way, they also build their reputation.

But this kind of leadership can be easily abused. What if somebody popular comes along and takes the organization away from its vision and mission?

The result would be confusion and conflict in the organization. While conflict may sometimes be good in the organization, divisive conflicts may be the most painful ones to go through because the end result is not creativity but division.

This is where transformational leadership comes in. In this case, a person using this style has to influence his followers and subordinates to make important changes in their practices and in their lives. The end result is better life for the followers and better health for the organization.

We shouldn’t be putting charismatic leadership vs transformational leadership because these two styles actually complement each other. The leader has to choose how to balance these two styles of leadership in the workplace.

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Brand Strategy – Brand Identity Guru

Brand Strategy – Brand Identity Guru

If you could have the secret recipe and all the manufacturing facilities of Coca Cola but not the Coca Cola brand – or have its famous brand but no facilities – which would you choose? It's not a trick question. But it demonstrates the power of the brand. Walk into any bank and say "hi I'm Coca Cola, how about a loan"!

Let me ask another way. If you could have all the products or services your company produces, but not its name and brand, are you confident they would sell? The truth is, people do not only buy products and services. They buy promises and reputations – what brands represent.

I'm the Brand Identity Guru. I've spent most of my professional life helping companies tap into the strength of their brands. Developing a strong brand identity is critical to any company's success. Integrating brand-conscious thinking into communications is so critical, so synergistic, yet it's seldom done by design groups and advertising agencies.

Why? It's just not what they do. Graphic Designers do not understand positioning or branding. And ad agencies are more interested in placing ads in the media. Or creating work that wins rewards- for them.

A branding company's total focus, their own business practice, is based on the maximum that strong brands (new or repositioned) make companies more successful.

Pick the brain of a professional branding consultant. It's bound to spur some powerful ideas. Whether you need to brand or re-brand products, services or the corporation itself, introduce new products or services or reposition existing ones – there's a chance to lay a strategic foundation to re-energize your entire company.

Any qualified branding consultant can strengthen your company's brand identity for sure.

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