In this day and age of '140 characters' and even shorter forms ie text messaging, the good old art of making meaningful connects via direct mailers is dead. Organizations had to adapt to the changing times in order to ensure their marketing activities bore fruitful results. When the postal mediums failed to generate the desired response organizations took recourse to e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing as we have all heard is mostly identified as an effective strategy to reach out to your target audience. Marketing strategies via the electronic mail carries the benefits of low overheads, faster campaign and historically an increased ROI.

As we go along let us try and unravel the mystique surrounding most of the failed Email Marketing campaigns. You must be wondering if Emails are such a hit, why do most Email campaigns fall flat on their face?

The answer is simple. There goes a lot behind the scenes of a victorious Email Marketing campaign. Preparation is the key. You just can not afford to blast e-mails to all your contact lists and then cross your fingers hiring for some sales. It does not work that way. An expert email marketing company knows this and is probably what you require. A seasoned professional service provider (even virtual assistants) who could draft that catchy subject line for you, help you on what spam words to avoid, advise you on the best day to e-mail your pitch and deliver the right length of words.

Some of the other benefits that an Email Marketing company can bring to the table include:

1. Experience to narrow down your intended recipients to a segmented list of customers.
2. Deliver with Consistency & Connect by rolling out tips related to the industry you are in or monthly newsletters.
3. Including Multimedia capabilities in your campaigns for an effective presentation of ideas.

To conclude, it is important to automate all your business email campaigns for them to be effective and result-driven. There is no point following the age-old processes such as 'Email Blasting' which has failed to yield results.

Source by Sara Jessica Parker