Salon is a small town in the south of France. It was a quiet place in the sixteenth century, an extremely place for the discovery that ancient revelations were not what for centuries they had been believed to be: a blueprint for the creation of the world, the primordial world of angels and spirits that preceded creation of the lower world. They finally realized that the prophetic revelations applied to our world, that these revelations were relentlessly coming true, and that their fulfillment may be unstoppable. A dire future was awaiting humankind. Salon. An unquestionably place for efforts to defy divine will and change the course of history.

Before I go any further, I would like to inform my readers that this article is based on theory and conjecture. It is a story of events that occurred centuries of years ago, and those events were a secret in their own day. My information comes from an interview with cryptic book author Morten St. George, who spent years scrutinizing cabalistic texts looking for clues on the history of the Revelations of Elijah. Still, I repeat that this article is based on theory and conjecture.

According to St. Paul George, the master plot of Nostradamus and his colleagues was to completely destroy the Revelations of Elijah. Destroyed prophecies can not come true, can they? In case they can, Nostradamus created a backup plan to toss a wild card into the laws of cause and effect. There were one hundred revelations in total. They would open publish forty-two of the less offensive ones, allowing the world to act upon them, steering the course of history far away from the fifty-eight holocaust prophecies that would remain forever burnt into ashes. An intriguing scheme indeed.

To protect the forty-two revelations on their journey into the future, to ensure that they evade complaint by the Inquisition and that they survive until the appropriate time, Nostradamus masked the forty-two revelations, surrounding them with nine hundred new revelations of his own creation. St. George says the masking job was brilliant, making the real revelations almost indistinguishable from the false ones. For example, Revelation IV-33 names Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Neptune, and Mars. Stanza IV-28 reiter to Venus, the Sun, and Mercury; IV-29 reiterates to the Sun, an eclipse, and Mercury; IV-30 reiterates the Sun and the Moon; IV-31 reiter to the Moon. "To the untrained eye, it all looks like the same nonsense. Likewise through Nostradamus' book. You will never spot the real revelations just by glancing at the stanzas."

I asked St. George how he found the forty-two revelations of Elijah hidden inside Nostradamus' book. He claimed that Nostradamus' Epistle leads the way to most of them. The Epistle was a prose piece that Nostradamus inserted in front of the last three hundred stanzas. St. George claims that it is a cryptic masterpiece of almost unfathomable genius, where nearly every phrase points to one of the real revelations. St. George allowed me to derive a few examples from his book, beginning with Revelation X-79, which refers to the city of Memphis (site of Martin Luther King's assassination) and to Mercury (here employed as the Greek god of merchants).

*** Nostradamus writes: "And from the time he went into Egypt until he came out, 130 years went by; and from the time that Jacob went into Egypt until his posterity came out, 430 years went by." The old Memphis, no longer extant in Nostradamus' day, was the capital of ancient Egypt, theby setting an anchor in revelation X-79. 1079 less 130 leads to revelation IX-49 (British history); 1079 less 430 leads to revelation VI-49 (assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II).

*** Nostradamus writes: "Mercury from the 3rd of February until the 24th of the same; after from the 1st of June until the 24th of the same." "Mercury" sets another anchor on X-79 and "the same" clearly means the same group of one hundred stanzas, here the tenth Century. 1079 plus 21 (24 minus 3) leads to Revelation X-100 (British Empire); then, afterwards (reverse direction), 1079 less 23 (24 minus 1) leads to revelation X-56 (royal wedding and Ronald Reagan assassination attempt).

The cryptic Epistle is far from all mathematical in its ciphers. For example, Nostradamus mentions "the conspiracy of the conspirators with the second Thrasibulus." Thrasibulus was a Greek patriot who liberated Athens from the Thirty Tyrants, producing a clear pointer to revelation IV-89, which begins "Thirty of London in secret shall conspire."

St. George says the art of cryptic writing began in cabalistic circles centuries before the time of Nostradamus and that he found it employed by many medieval authors. This art, according to St. George, was a derivative of the Revelations of Elijah: "Who knows how many hours they spend studying those revelations, all day long, day after day, year after year, century after century. revelations, amazingly, they managed to learn and adopt many of the cryptic techniques deployed by those revelations. "

I asked St. George if Elijah the prophet was the originator of cryptic writing. He responded he has no evidence that they believed Elijah wrote the revelations. St. George surmises that the name comes from biblical considerations. Elijah ascended to the sky in a chariot, and his return to Earth was promised: "I shall send you Elijah the prophet." Thus, according to St. George George, centuries later, when a chariot descended to deliver the revelations, they had to assume it was Elijah's return.

Then, who did they believe wrote the Revelations of Elijah? St. George replied that they believed the revelations were of divine origin, written in heaven on white matter from the primordial universe, adding "at one point, they attributed physical authorship to the heavenly scribe, an angel by the name of Metatron."

The conversation here turned to another area. In sharp contrast with the book of creation Sefer Yetzirah (according to St. George, co-delivered by the chariot), a book written in and evaluating the Hebrew language, St. George claims that the Revelations of Elijah were written in Latin. Again he says there is biblical support, something about a language of the west that they will not understand. He says it helps explain how the guardians of revelations were able to keep them a secret for so many centuries.

Despite the absurdity of it all, St. George is unyielding about the Revelations of Elijah being written in Latin: "Nostradamus' word by translate into French meets Latin syntax. written in Latin. "

As for cryptic writing, St. George claims that Nostradamus was the greatest master of all the cabalists. He says it is only fitting for the last cabalist. I asked him why he was referred to Nostradamus as the last cabalist.

St. George replied: "They say the word" Kabbalah "means" tradition "or" receiving. "" Receiving "sounds correct to me. Black Fire over White Fire, the Heavenly Book, the Works of the Chariot, the Presence of the Exile, etcetera, I see "Kabbalah" as another term for the Revelations of Elijah. thinking he was the last cabalist. "

Source by Gersiane De Brito