Great leaders inspire greatness and brilliance in others and elevate everyone's game, at home, at work, and in life. Here are five truths recognized by great leaders and all those around them.

Leadership is a gift word

The word leadership is most powerful when someone else "gifts" you the word. When you say that you are a leader, you are likely referring to your position or your experience as a leader. When someone else talks about you as a great leader, it connects at a much deeper level and means so much more.

Leadership is not about what you do, it's about who you are

When you conduct yourself in such a way that makes people want to gift you that word of "Leader", it speaks to your actions, your character, your ability to be present, your ability to inspire, innovate, assist, and support. It is not required that you have the title of leader to be capable of all these things.

Leaders are not born, they are grown

Babies do not just become Leaders. At some point, their life experiences brought out an invitation to step up and practice what would later become known as great leadership qualities. So as parents, caregivers, teachers, mentors, family, friends, bosses, and leaders … take positive action to expose those who we come into contact with to situations where they have the ability to REACH and TEACH.

Leadership is about humility

Contrary to what you might think, Leadership is about the absence of EGO. A leader is OK with those around him / her knowing more than them; is very comfortable being curious and does not fear looking silly for not knowing an answer; can be extroverted or introverted but always, always has the intent of setting others up for success and taking some spotlight.

Leadership is equally powerful in settings of one or one million

The effect of great leadership is magnified when a large group is exposed to it, but is equally potent for a single person to experience. If you believe as I do, that there is brilliance within all of us, then one person inspired or transformed by being exposed to great leadership has a profound impact on the world.

Copyright 2011 Christine McLeod

Source by Christine Mcleod