I’m considering redesigning my personal website to be more blog-based and create a personal brand for myself. Anyone have any favorite website designs by known bloggers/”thought leader” types I could draw some inspiration from? I’m essentially looking for sites like [Seth Godin]( or [Gary V](, though I don’t actually really love either of their designs.

Pharma’s reputation is holding steady with patient groups. That’s according to the annual patient opinion report from PatientView, which found that 41% thought the pharma industry reputation’s was “excellent” or “good” in 2018, compared to a similar 43% in 2017. Source link

Hey guys I’m messaging to get some feedback to see how well marketing property with CGI/ 3D rendered visuals/Virtual Reality works in your country. Do you sell off plan, so prior to construction? Does it help you sell dilapidated buildings in the hope for renovation? Is it cost efficient for you? and most importantly, does

Once upon a time, you could get the word out about your business by simply placing an ad on a billboard or counting on word of mouth. But today, the concept of brand awareness is far more complicated, and paying attention to it may be more necessary than ever before. OnBrand surveys in 2017 and

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The big idea: Don’t trust your gut with big, strategic decisions. Wait until a choice can be informed by a number of factors. Source link

Hi Evan, Hope you doing good! I would like to thank you for all those inspirational articles, you’ve mailed me, Its has really inspired me a lot in many ways. As you know, I am working for an ad agency & its been a year,before I used to do only client co-ordination & now I

Food: it connects us with one another, forges a sense of belonging, and is a canvas for individual expression. In this heartfelt talk, Kathryn Lennon shares intimate poems on her relationship with food spanning key moments in her journey as an eater. Kathryn Lennon works as a planner with the City of Edmonton’s CITYlab team,

What do you think about the name and logo of this company? -> We are selling food supplements View Reddit by smith64fx – View Source

January Digital CEO optimistic the company will grow exponentially if it continues to develop the right tech stack. The post Digital marketers on Pinterest IPO: Get in early while costs are low, learning opportunities are high appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Source link

We are doing a website re-design (WordPress + Genesis + Theme), and really want to focus on converting visitors. We get a decent amount of traffic, both organic and visitors we drive via email campaigns – but we’re not getting clicks to our “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us” CTA buttons. We’re a small insurance

Planning your higher education marketing strategies is about working around two things: the rising cost of tuition and the growing number of students applying to post-secondary institutions. Not to mention, students have a lot of options to choose from.   To compete, you need to create digital marketing campaigns that: appeal to peoples’ emotions create – SUPPORT ME 🙂 Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment – Thank you!!! “Thank you Evan. I would also like to add another question on the same topic. Supply is limited because it is hand crafted scarf so my question is, will the shortage of inventory

Narrative is one of the most powerfully motivating human forces. Filmmaker J. Christian Jensen reveals how the same emotional forces that thrust us forward in a good film can propel us to do remarkable things. Illustrated by scenes from his Oscar nominated documentary, White Earth, Jensen tells how to construct your own personal narrative to accomplish

I own an all-natural lip balm company and want to start selling in stores. What do you think of the name “LipsAlive” for the product? Would you buy a lip balm with that name? My partner likes it but I’m not yet sold. More of a survey than anything. Thanks for the input in advance.

Content creation—it’s the linchpin of our B2B content marketing strategies. And 56% of B2B content marketers have upped their investment in content creation over the past year—more than any other spending area. Without a steady cadence of fresh, quality content we can’t proactively adapt to our audience’s changing needs nor consistently reach, inform, engage, entertain,

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Hello! I am an incoming marketing operations intern for IBM. To be quite honest, I am not too sure about what exactly marketing operations is. I originally intended to go into a branding/product management role, however this was my best option for the summer. So I was wondering if anyone had any experience in marketing

Your personal brand needs to have a plan in place for your projected growth, regardless of whether you’re new to Internet marketing and branding, or a seasoned participant. Ask yourself, where do you see your business going in the next few years? Having a passion for what you do is essential to success along with

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The dark mode is one of the most visibly prominent features in Apple’s MacOS Mojave. It is considered to be one of the most radical changes that Apple’s interface has undergone in its operating system since the inception of Mac OS X in 2001. Dark mode, as the name itself suggests is a setting that