According to a 2018 survey of its members, the Society for Human Resource Management found that 4 percent of employers offer access to backup child care. Source link – SUPPORT ME 🙂 Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment – Thank you!!! Help me caption & translate this video! Reanna: “What if I have an online store and not an actual store then what do you do.” Help us caption & translate this video!

Did you know that women-led startups are 15% more profitable, yet 40% less likely to get funded? Between 2011 and 2013, just 3% of venture capital went to companies with female CEOs. There are women in coding, women in UX design, women in gaming, women in project management, women IN tech – women will even

Hi everyone, we are building a website called cthroo (meaning See-through) The domain name will be []( (not live yet) We want our end-users to see through their interested companies for insider news. Please help us to choose the best logo: [google form poll]( View Reddit by MaoStevemao – View Source

Here’s how retailers should map their audience strategy for new-versus-returning customers to search. The post New customer acquisition vs. retention: 7 best practices for search appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Source link

New Subreddit For 200k – 2m in Revenue – /r/ecommerce_takeoff View Reddit by businessadam – View Source

Because of the prevalence of high-DPI screens, marketers need to use retina images to ensure that their emails look crisp and not cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that every image in an email needs to be a retina image. Marketers should use retina images in their emails only when it creates a significantly better experience

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Graphic Designer and Art Director Roberto Blake helps you “Create Awesome” by giving advice to about Creative Careers, Running a Creative Business & providing tutorials and showcasing the tools of the Creative Services Industry. Learn more at: source

How Millennials and Serious Gaming Will Transform the Future of Everything: Is it possible that video games and interactive toys were what really has transformed Generation X and Generation Y Millennials; altering their behavior? And what does that mean for the K-12 classroom? Corporate training? Or how we teach a 21st Century student? Will serious

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I started a digital marketing company named (We “R” Webing) also purchased its domain but had a bad review about company name as some people say its not professional and also very bad review for Logo What are you opinions and suggestions and Should i scrap it and start with scratch or continue? View

The post Digital Marketing News: Influencers Try Escapex, Gating B2B Content, YouTube’s Quality Watch Time, & Pinterest Conversions appeared first on Online Marketing Blog – TopRank®. Source link

James Huang and Stephen Huang consider the promise and risk of gene therapy Source link

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I know it’s early and there’s currently a waitlist, just curious of any thoughts from an ad agency or firm’s perspective. Thanks. View Reddit by I_Like_Tech_Drawings – View Source

In a memo to employees, CEO David Solomon also outlined steps for boosting the number of women in Goldman’s senior ranks ahead of a deadline for reporting what could be another double-digit gender pay gap in Britain. Source link

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In this Google Hangout I interview Callum Beattie from the Honest Agency and his advice for entrepreneurs. “My name is Callum Beattie. I am a Partner with Honest Agency, a creative agency specializing in Strategic Planning, Branding and Advertising. Our agency used to be called Neuhaus Design, which I co-founded in April of 2000 with

Peter instills in us that doing things a different way can be the right way. Your own way. He walks the line of family business and business being his family flipping traditional business models upside down. While some would caution never to mix the two, he has by putting “place first” creating an environment that

The most valuable assets a company owns is the most recognisable and loved brand. It is a well-known fact that the consumers purchase those brands which are familiar to them. Thus, brand building strategies play a vital role in the development of the company. The small enterprises’ personals have to compete against big brands with

The list of social apps, networks, sites–platforms of all sorts–is growing longer by the day. This timeline highlights nearly 50 social platforms that have left a mark in social media history. Some are no longer with us (RIP), but others are… and they have become part of our daily lives. … Read the full article