In his book, The Science of Leadership: Lessons from Research for Organizational Leaders, Julian Barling (2014) asked a very profound question. “Do leaders matter? If so, in terms of what outcomes?” This discussion intrigued me. As I read the chapter, I contemplated, from an outcome perspective, how can organizational leaders continue to grow their leadership

If you ask a top executive or copywriter from the world’s largest advertising agencies ‘what’s your favourite piece of writing?’, the majority will reference David Abbott’s classic *Chivas Regal* ad. Abbott was a copywriter during the advertising boom of the 1960’s. He started out at Kodak before working as a copywriter at major advertising agencies

✎Dr. Andrew Huberman is an American neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He went from changing high schools, working in a bagel shop and getting into fights to making numerous important contributions to the fields of brain development, brain plasticity, and neural regeneration and repair. 📜DR.

Playing the cello taught Gretchen Yanover how to deal with anxiety. She believes that years of leaning the instrument against her heart created an opening to give big emotions a path out. Now, she hopes her music brings that sense of opening to others. Gretchen’s first piece is the evocative solo Heart and Sky. Then

Colors for Marketing Research

Hello. Do you know what legitimate sites should I visit or where should I find answers to what colors preferred by my target market ages 24-45 years old, high-class women who love cosmetics and beauty regimens? Thank you. View Reddit by Narrow_Limit3079 – View Source

When martech isn’t martech

If a tool is used by marketers, does that make it part of the martecfh stack? Where do we draw the line? Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Source link

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We, often, discuss, the need, to hire, the best real estate agent, for your personal needs, priorities, circumstances, house, and personality! However, what is essential for a homeowner to recognize, and realize, while all these factors, are significant, and relevant, until/ unless, the house gets sold, the transaction is not completed, nor successful! An essential

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How do you deal with the constant cognitive dissonance between ‘rapid growth at all costs’ and sticking to your values? Most of us are nice people who respect our users but I find that too many of us find ways to justify using a dark pattern or two to get our product in from of

Whether you’re just starting or you’re ready to grow your client base, you’ll need to decide how to make the most of your expansion efforts. Marketing of legal services you offer effectively is sure to bring you success.  Below, you’ll find a guide to help you through the process of marketing your law firm. This

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Ric Phillips is a Communication Coach and corporate trainer, helping professionals since 2006 communicate with confidence and clarity. He is the founder/owner of 3V Communications Ltd. which uses a holistic approach of business communication skills development to help business leaders and their teams. He is a co-founder/Program Advisor/Instructor with YEDI – York Entrepreneurship Development Institute

“There seems to be a vacuum in how the West culturally frames meditation – a vacuum that marketers and app companies are happy to fill. Compared to promises that pop culture meditation makes – that you’ll be happier, calmer, more productive, better – the simple practice of being aware is a hard sell. The relationship

Great day, I’m a clarity/communication strategist, former communication agency account manager, empowering people to build their authentic personal brands. And I struggle with one painful question. I would love to get different perspectives from you guys. I partnered up with a great talented photo/video production guy, we share the same values, he is amazing. Everything

AV Equipment Hire includes a range of electronic devices that will help to make your marketing event a success. With the advancement of technology business companies need to keep up with the latest trends to take their marketing message into the consumer world. Given below are some vital points to help achieve this objective: Using

I haven’t seen one of these posts yet and would love to hear your thoughts. As an agency owner, I need to make sure our firm is on top of the ever-changing trends that our industry has in-store for us. I’m sure you understand. The revolving door of pain we have to experience as we

dotdigital Hack Week 2020

This is our yearly challenge to our software engineers, product designers, deliverability consultants, and systems administrators to come up with forward-thinking hacks and put them into practice, ready to demo at the end of the week. Not all hacks make it into the platform but watch this space through 2021 and you might be pleasantly

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Where are the doctors in the issue of obesity? This question has led to some innovative ideas to drastically reduce and move toward the elimination of obesity through physician, patient, community relationships. I am an Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic where I have practiced since 1994. I grew up on

I’ve been looking at % []( and can see most of their branding is with the % but their trademark is %ARABICA with some custom font to make it stand out. What is this kind of branding called? There seems to be a main logo but they’re defaulting to % everywhere else. Is branding their

What is marketing ops?

We know it when we see it, but can we define it? Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Source link

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